Thursday, 7 March 2013

In need of some inspiration...


Unlike many mums out there, I have to confess that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with baking.

I know. Shock horror. A mummy blogger who doesn’t love to bake?!

Actually, it’s not that I don’t like to bake, far from it, I do really enjoy it when it happens. It’s more that it just doesn’t come naturally to me. And as much as I would love to be that mum who can whip up a quick batch of this, that or the other in the 20 spare minutes between school pick-up and swimming lessons, I’m not.

For me, baking is something that I have to plan. And it’s something I tend to do as an activity with Oliver, rather than just for fun. Because let’s face it, at the moment, if I find myself with a spare half hour I’ll most likely be brushing up on my knowledge of cervical dilation, rather than browsing cookery books.

Saying that, we do have a few fool-proof recipes that I tend to rely on for those afternoons where baking seems like a good idea – gingerbread biscuits, banana bread, scones, flapjacks, brownies. We also enjoy making pizza dough, pikelets and cheesy muffins on a fairly regular rotation (actually that’s not a bad repertoire really!).

But regardless, I do often feel like I’m lacking the recipe inspiration to be able to pull-off the quick whip-up-a-batch-of-muffins scenario and consequently, because I don’t know what to bake it all suddenly seems just a bit too hard. Even though it’s not really, is it?

Only yesterday I was feeling the lunchbox boredom as I was packing Ollie’s Forest School lunch bag and so have vowed to myself to find some new recipes for kids to add a little more variety. So easy to get stuck in a rut with these things isn't it?

As a carb-loving family, I’m also keen to learn some decent bread recipes and I’d love to find some new healthier, sugar free recipes for the children’s snack times. They are both eating so much and so often at the moment, even I'm bored making the same old, same old snack plates to keep their appetites at bay. 

So go on, hit me with some kitchen inspiration - what are your top baking recipes of the moment? I know you have them...

*This post is sponsored by Baking Mad - a fantastic online baking resource, filled with every possible recipe you could imagine. It's where you'll find me over the next few days, perusing the kids baking section. As always, all words, opinions and images are my own.


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  5. I have to say that while I love to bake (on my own, with the radio on, in peace) I find baking with the kids stressful sometimes. I need to be in the mood for it! Anything that has an easy method and involves stirring is good - muffins (sweet and savoury) are always a winner.

    Gillian x

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  7. I too don't like to bake! Trying to find a recipe for a first birthday cake without sugar? Any ideas? x

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  9. I wish I could help! I just made the world's runniest pie last night. I need to stick with cookies, they don't fail me!


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