Monday, 18 February 2013

The Weekend Edition

: bath. candle. wine. Enough said. 
: peepo 
: watching the world go by 
: Spring! 
: a rare shot of the two of them - watching an aeroplane I presume? 
: she never wants to be in the pram these days (even with her chilly little nose)
: always following Olla 
: more Spring!
: I have no idea
: the sentinel and his lance. He was deciding whether or not to let me pass.
: beautiful light
: Sunday night tired

Those 24 hours of solitude were utterly blissful. I did exactly as I said – cooked a nice meal, drank wine, cleaned. Then woke – at NINE A.M (yes, nine o’clock in the morning. I know) – did some yoga with the sun streaming through the windows, drank tea quietly, studied, worked, walked Bella in the late afternoon sunshine, enjoyed a candlelit bath (accompanied with wine and cheese. I know) and then prepared to see my beautiful family once more. It was heavenly and quiet and delicious and a must, I believe, for the sanity of all mums once in a while.  

Then yesterday we took the little tadpoles swimming, pottered and played and went for a gorgeous afternoon walk to the Winkworth Aboretum. Have you been? Go. It was lovely. And Spring was everywhere I looked – daffodils, pussy willow, crocus buds, snowdrops, little blooms all over the place and so much sunshine.

And now here we are at the start of half term and a busy one at that. We have playmates planned with old friends, a trip to the theatre tomorrow and then I’m in another three-day training workshop for the remainder of the week (thank you Mum, you are the best!).

Are you on half term duty this week? What’s in store? 


  1. Oh your time alone sounds divine, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. What a perfect 24 hours! Oh the things I take for granted as a young married lass with no kids yet!

    1. Thanks Lisa - enjoy the moments while you can! x

  3. So glad your 24 hours lived up to the expectations! Really beautiful photos here - my favourite is the one of the glass of white wine. Not sure what that says about me really.

    Gillian x


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