Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Some lovely...{arm candy}

If there’s one thing that helps me feel just that little bit more zhusshed (you know the word I mean, right?) of a morning, it’s a lil bit of arm candy.

Yes, I may be wearing my unwashed hair in a bun for the third day in a row. And yes, I may also be wearing the same jeans AGAIN (with designer Weetabix smears on the side) and had precisely 2.38 minutes to slap on some make-up before the school run. But chuck  a few jangly bits on my arm and I feel ready to face the world.

Here are my top picks of bracelets to make you feel good of a morning…

Cat Hammill
Oh how I love my Cat Hammill set. A little leaving Australia present from Paul and quite possibly one of my favourites from him yet (apart, perhaps, from my children and my engagement ring). My collection is navy and silver (a bit like this) and it comes everywhere with me. Versatile as anything, I might wear one of the bracelets one day and the whole lot the next. And it always gets commented on. Always.  

I love this range. So sweet and simple and being able to personalise the charms makes them even more special. If I had to choose, I think I'd go for this simple little number. Such a gorgeous colour.

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this fantastic range recently. And oh my goodness, so much pretty. The bracelet collection is extensive (I’ll have one of these please) and check out the wonderful pendants for extra morning bling.

I received a bracelet from Mum and Dad this Christmas by Joma Jewellery. Such a lovely surprise and one that has been worn regularly ever since. And the best bit about it is that the particular design I have is called the Lila. Meant to be. Joma Jewellery has some really reasonably priced bracelets and I love their little single charms, complete with cute words. The perfect gift. 

So tell me friends, are you a jewellery person? And if so, do bracelets like these float your boat? 


  1. Oh I must check them out! Lately it's been necklaces that do the trick for me as I hurry out the door to be at kinder at 8.15!! xx

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  3. Very nice pretty things here! I am finding that I wear less and less jewellery these days but the pieces I wear cost more - I fear I am turning into my mother. Necklaces are always my weakness, I have to say!

    Gillian x

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