Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bubble went pop (a video post)

I threw in the towel last night. It was delicious. After a weekend of catching up with gorgeous friends, lovely dinners in great restaurants and sorting, sorting and more sorting, it was much needed. We had a family dinner at 5.30, put the kids to bed early (thank you daylight saving) and then I sat on the sofa and watched this:

And read this:

And took this photo for #photoadayApril 'reflection' (yes I'm still going!): 

And it was lovely. And just what I needed. And could I use ‘and’ anymore in such a few short sentences?

Anyway… while I was doing those things I was also social media multi-tasking, as you do, and found an old video on my phone I wanted to share.

I know generally other people’s kids aren’t all that funny. But this is, right? Just watching it over again made me laugh out loud. I love that kids can do that to you. This was one of those special moments, off the cuff, out of nowhere and I’m so glad I caught it on camera (albeit a not-so-great-quality iPhone one!).*

Bubble went pop from Anna Coates on Vimeo.

Happy Monday folks. I hope this first week of April brings you everything you want and more.


What did you get up to last night? 

*this is my first time uploading a video to Blogger, so I hope it works! Please let me know if it doesn't or if I should be using a different video platform.
**I just swapped the video over to a vimeo format - think it's working better already! Just call me Mrs Tech-head.


  1. OH NO!! bubble went Pop!


  2. Hee hee.
    So cute.
    Have a great week.
    :-) xxx

  3. Such a cute moment! Thankgoodness for the iphone!x

  4. Oh bless, what a gorgeous babe! And what a lovely Mama you are to let him get all messy with the paint like that, he looked like he was having a ball! Oh and that photo for your challenge is spectacular, very groovy man xo

  5. Yes! This made me and my 5yo laugh! So funny!!!
    Thanks for sharing. I hope your April is awesome x

  6. Oh this is just gorgeous. Thanks for making me smile this morning and I mean a HUGE smile. xxx

  7. LOVE IT !!!! Cutest thing ever !

  8. That is very cute, and very funny. My two year old was in hysterics. "Oh no, what happened? Bubble went pop!"

    Looks like he was having a fantastic time!

  9. Yes! this is funny! I was smiling all the way through. I ove your laughing too x


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